Shayona Group is founded on a vision which seeks to cater for a brighter tomorrow by providing people with better quality of life and living values. Recognizing the basic need to approach the issue of planned development and growth, we at Shayona believe that the key element of this transformation is change – a change from within and without.

Sureshbhai R. Pateldesignation

Founder & Managing Director

Overcoming challenges was an arduous task for a farmer’s son who despite facing numerous odds, managed to encounter them and rose to the occasion to build an empire of his own – popularly known as Shayona Group today. Since 1989, the real estate developer has established a reputed name across Gujarat and India, thanks to the vision of its Founder. From providing eco-friendly homes, luxurious residential and commercial properties for all strata of society to setting up schools/colleges, Sureshbhai has lived up to the expectations of all.

Vishnubhai P. Pateldesignation


Standing shoulder to shoulder in managing company affairs, the veteran Vishnubhai believes that one is able to reap fruits through efforts put in and establishing a bond between not among those associated with others but even among those employed in the workplace. Over the years, he has pioneered on a number of commercial/residential complexes and has also overseen site operations due to his humble, soft-hearted and disciplined nature.

Kanubhai B. Pateldesignation


When it comes to Shayona, locals project the Group solely diversified into construction business. But they are often mistaken as within short span, it has made a giant leap in venturing into other areas as well like setting up of water drinking plants for the well-being of residents and making packaged water available at affordable rates. Meet another veteran, Kanubhai who engages and coordinates in these operations along with managing party plots for recreation activities.

Piyushbhai Pateldesignation


Managing educational bodies – be it schools, colleges or running hostels – are resources smoothly handled by the young, talented and enterprising Piyushbhai. A distinguished face of the Group, his words are taken final when it comes to fulfilling aspirations of students and meeting expectations of parents. The best teachers and guardians are among his committee panel members who ensure every child receives quality education.